War of the Book

Crossing the Isle

A harrowing first journey away from Durry

The party left Durry for the east as swiftly as possible. They pushed themselves and made good time at first. Thorros bargained with the merchant Timon, who traded them a Wand of Erase, a potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, and a scroll of Mage Armor for some sheets of pergamon and two prepared inks. Maeve asked him to keep an eye out for items of protection and spread the word among the merchants about them; they would be known to the merchants as “Thorros and his companions.”

The next two nights were spent camping in the open, by the road. On the second night, the Companions of Thorros were attacked by goblins and what seemed to be a powerful mage. The mage dropped them into a pit and the goblins surrounded them. The goblins were easily driven off and they got themselves out of the pit well enough, but the mage was nowhere to be found. Nola decided to check for magic around them and discovered a powerful aura completely surrounded them. The goblins turned out to be illusions. Sensing their weakness and recalling tales of powerful mysterious beings in the woods, Eoghan called out and asked what they should do. A voice commanded, “Write the sign on the scroll.” Aislan had been given a vision of Celtic weaving, which she duly wrote on a magic scroll that had been provided. At that a company of powerful Elves materialized from the wood. Their leader, Dunachan the Brown, said that he had heard of a strange group of extremely powerful men, guided by visions. The illusion and the sign was a test to see if this was indeed that company. Knowing now their powers, Dunachan warned the party to take care not to incur the wrath of the Elves, but at the same time to call for help, near any wood. That call may or may not be answered, depending on their choices and the situation. The party learned that the Elves are Erin’s oldest inhabitants, far more powerful than any men, but content to remain hidden in the forests unless and until something causes them to get involved. The encounter with Dunachan encouraged the party to give themselves a title somewhat more exalted than “Companions of Thorros” – they had become the Seekers of the Book.

Seekers of the Book? Indeed. For as they traveled onwards, the five came to realize that many people were interested in the Book of Wisdom and its whereabouts. Just the next day they ran into Comolan, a monk of the order of Columba, who is a student of Finnian of Moville. The connection? Moville is the main monastery of the Good Monks. The Book of Wisdom belongs there. Finnian is the Abbot of that place. Columba is one among many who have sent out assistants and students to search, and Comolan is one of them. He offered to receive the book from the party, should they find it, and told them he would give it to the right person. Then he departed for Tullamore, a monastery in the dead center of Erin that was founded by his master Columba.

The party continued on the road to Tara and that evening was delighted to come upon a farm with a large longhouse, complete with good smells and wisps of white smoke rising from the chimney. Knocking, they were received by a rough fellow, whom Maeve immediately distrusted. The Seekers decided to move on but Eoghan heard the sound of trapped folks coming from a root cellar in the yard. The cellar door was covered in debris, oddly. Going to investigate, Eoghan triggered an all-out attack by the bandits who had taken over the inn. Too bad for the bandits, really. Their one good moment, and the most dangerous one for the party so far, came when they surrounded the wizard Thorros. As we know, when a wizard is surrounded by bandits, it usually goes poorly for the wizard. This time, however, Aislan stepped up to Thorros’ flank with her longsword of doom. That gave Thorros enough space to scorch three of the fellows with his fire-hands, and Aislan proceeded to eviscerate what was left. Meanwhile Eoghan, Nola, and Maeve clopped off the other bandits. They rescued Mochta and Moin, red-headed innkeepers, who gave them the bandit’s treasure as a reward.

The next morning, Niall and five Fannians arrived. They had been sent by the Fannian King, Owney, who had heard via rumor that someone had talked to the Druid Nyalin in Durry and then sped off to the east. Niall had chased them for four days and was prepared to arrest the group and take them back to Owney for questioning as to their motives, but they satisfied him by telling the truth – they seek the powerful Book. Niall said that his master would be very interested in having such a book and he also declared that he did not trust the wood folk, Aislan and Eoghan, in the least. Yet he let the party proceed.

The next day the Seekers came to a ravine and were attacked by Twigjacks. Nasty thorny things. But they too were defeated. Day by day, hour by hour, the feeling grows that this group has more power than it should. What is the source of this power? Why does it grow? Why did Aislan seem so comfortable with a vision of a Celtic knot? What about Maeve’s sensation of some cold, undead thing? How does Nola cure so effortlessly? Thorros knows spells, but is amazed himself at how powerful they are. Eoghan has suddenyl become a better tracker – how can that be?

All of these questions take on more relevant as the party approaches Tara.

Gained 1,000 XP per person.



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