War of the Book

Great Games

How the Seekers became the Champions of Tara

Arriving at Tara, the Seekers found it alive with activity. They soon learned that winners of games would be invited to sleep in the King’s Guest Hall, where treasures would be kept for being shared out on the next day, the day of the coronation ceremony. Eoghan won an arhcery contest by splitting a bull’s-eyed arrow. Maeve lost a woodburst contest to Buto, a lout. Aislan beat several contenders about the head and neck, winning the moot combat trial. Thorros guessed that there were exactly 374 beans in the sack. And Nola miraculously cured three people of their demonic “possessions” – deafness, migraines, and constipation, respectively. To top it off, the party beat the Kilkenny Raiders in a hurling match. Word went around the grounds about the Five of Durry, their amazing powers, the stupendous performances, their quite possibly evil, or magic, or both, abilities.

Nonetheless the Seekers were allowed to sleep in the King’s Guest Hall with the treasure, along with Buto the lout, Gemman a bard, and Donald, a handsome fellow. Piled under a tapestry in the back was the Book of Wisdom. Guards were invited to drink and be merry and as a result several of them fell asleep in the night. Not the Seekers, who kept careful watch. Early on in the night, Eoghan noticed as Donald was called away on a social errand. Later, many of the guards slept and so Nola woke the group. Eoghan snuck to the book and took it back to his cot, sleeping uneasily with it the rest of the night.

Morning came and as the Seekers discussed what to do, a great ruckus arose. Aedh, protected of Ruadh, had been killed during a violent game of hurling. Demanding justice of the new King, the monk Ruadh and a crowd of his followers (including Columba and his assistant, Comolan) stormed up the hill to the King’s Hall. In the tumult, the Seekers made it know to Comolan that they had the book in their possession. A meeting was arranged, down the hill and far away from the crowd. As they left the King’s fort, the Seekers heard the upshot of the proceedings up above: The Monks had cursed Tara and were departing.

Moments later, however, the Seekers met with Comolan and Columba, and handed over the book. But before doing that, Aislan and Eoghan had a certain page erased, and Nola had a certain gem removed. This gem they gave over to Columba, asking the great man to perhaps do something about the fellow trapped inside.



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