War of the Book

Grigs in Tullamore

The party helps the chief scribe

Briefly noted this time –
Roarc is freed, pledges fealty to Columba, begs Nola to do the same in anticipation of their wedding someday. Columba sends him on travels.

The party agrees to go to Tullamore. At Tullamore, they confront Columba about the nature of his actions with the book. In the end they are satisfied, despite misgivings.

The party buys some things from Bravan, the quartermaster monk at Tullamore.

Waiting for their next assignment (accompany the book to Moville), they help Dypta the chief scribe deal with the theft of inks.

Watching in the night, they see grigs stealing inks. The follow the grigs to their lair and attempt to recover stolen inks. The grigs harass them and giggle. Then a giant wasp attacks and almost carries Nola away. But she is saved at the last minute by shots from Eoghan and Aislan. The grateful grigs give them some stuff including a nice painting.



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