From Durry

Fanians. Chieftains of the lands around the town of Durry. Their kings are buried in Durry Abbey. Niall is a local captain.

Burnim Binnelbur. Abbot of Durry Abbey. A bluff, friendly, fearful person, foolish, easily influenced. Chubby.

Ninnian. Scriptmaster of Durry Abbey. Tall, thin, long-nosed, bald, severe.

Dermit. Scamp of Durry Abbey. Orphan and petty thief, maybe 12 years old. Called “Dermit the Unloved” because when he is caught, he cries “Nobody loves me!” It is surprising that he has not fallen to the Culling, given that he is an orphan. Therefore he often says “O, just hand me over for the Culling, poor orphan I.”

Roarc. Tall, dark, handsome, dashing. Traveling musician with roots in Durry.

Fergal. Reeve of Durry. Older, sensible, set in his ways.

Ronan. Sharp, skeptical, energetic, determined, young, single.

Shlavain. Old farmer with the most land hereabouts. Crabby.

Tomaltach. A woodsman. Angry, loutish. Poor.

Sconief. Wife of Fergus the reeve. Her name means “Shining Blossom.” Wisest person within 100 miles.

Mornye. Long-suffering wife of Tomaltach.


Connach is head of the Druidic order in Erin.

Maevan. Chief of the Druids in the woods of Durry. Angry, mossy fellow.

Nyavin. His female acolyte. A nasty person. Incompetent, jealous, selfish.

From Carraigh Fada

Tudida the leprechaun. Dermit knows him.

From Brogan’s Farm

Brogan. A minor officer in the Fanian clan. Farmer. Bully.

Keelin, Brogan’s wife.

Kyarel, Brogan’s brother.

Happy, the farm dog.


Finian of Moville, Abbot. Headstrong, proud. Leader of the monastic movement in Erin. Has official dealings with the great tribes, which necessarily involves dealings with Druids.

Ruadh, student of Finian. Earnest and zealous.


Columba, former student of Finian of Moville and Gemman the Bard, founder of monasteries. Tall, good-natured. Noble in the Cinel Conaille.

Comolan, assistant to Columba. Mysterious and wise.

Bravan, quartermaster monk.

Dypta, Chief Scribe. OCD.


Elves live everywhere in Erin and move with incredible swiftness among its forests. Dunacha the Brown is their leader.


Diarmaid the King.

Brion his henchman.

Donald, a handsome champion in the games.

Moira, a girl. His follower.

Buto, a lout. Winner of the Woodburst contest at Tara.


Gemman the Bard. A teacher of songs and tales.

Timon, a Merchant of Greek origin.

Malfosse, French merchant.

Katung, African merchant.

Al-Bajj, Arabian merchant.


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