Erin has a low population dispersed over a wide area. Villages are collections of 2-3 families. Towns have 6-10 families. Cities have up to 50 families. Erin has two kinds of land: Green grassland and dense oak and pine forest. Rivers are generally small, no more than 300 yards across. Erin is an island and much of the population lives near the sea. It is much easier to travel by boat than by land. Most villages are based on farming, ranching, and fishing. Towns and cities can have trade, crafts, entertainments, religion, and administration.

Durry A town on the southwest coast of Erin.

Carraigh Fada “Long Rock” east of Durry Abbey.

Brogan’s Farm Northeast of Durry Abbey.

Moville The chief monastery.

Travelers Some people wander all over Erin, particularly bards and merchants.

Tullamore First Abbey of Columba (known as Durrow)

Tara Seat of the high kings.


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