The War of the Book

Based on a true story

The watery green island of Erin is divided among many tribes struggling to thrive or, at least, avoid being destroyed by their neighbors. The endless petty conflicts became more urgent a few generations ago, when strangers came ashore from the southern seas: Monks proclaiming allegiance to Gods no one had heard of before, Gods that were called Good, Gods who opposed Gozreh, God of the Druids of Erin since time immemorial. Monk and Druid now fight for the allegiance of Kings. The monks, however, bring weapons to this struggle of the heart that no one has seen before: Great books bound in leather, with covers of hammered gold inlaid with precious gems. Even the pages are priceless, for they are made of fine vellum and covered with glorious, intricate illustrations in the finest of inks: Bright yellows, fiery reds, and shining blues. The books tell of ancient lessons from faraway places, in colors and images that are not seen in nature. They are the greatest treasures in the land. As the Tribes make their wars, and the men and women of the gods make their sermons, everything depends on the Books: Who has them, who makes them, who takes them on journeys into hostile lands.

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War of the Book

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